What’s This All About?

1902 sink basin

This site isn’t exactly about old plumbing, or motorcycle fixing, or how to cope crown molding. This site is a place for some of those things – but really it’s about what we’ve learned, seen, and would like to pass onto those who may be interested in the same.

This site isn’t about advertising (it will have none), or writing a long article ostensibly about how to do something, or why something is, just to bury that information five screens down after forcing the reader to scroll through endless ads and pop-ups. This site is definitely not about web-site design (clearly), but was intended to simply convey information that may be of interest to some.

We (the contributors) have known one another for years, discussed countless projects, learned from our fathers, mothers, uncles, and those generally “in the know” about often forgotten ways to approach various work. We have gone on adventures, lived though various times and places that younger generations did not experience. Some of our experiences may be interesting or useful. Some of what we have seen, or found along the way will be posted here as time goes on.

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